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Rainbow Labyrinths /
Terry de Vries

It all started with a dream. I saw myself walking a labyrinth made of different coloured flowers. When I woke up I thought wow, that was beautiful, but left it at that.

In the beginning of that year (2002) I built a labyrinth in the Jan Marais Nature Reserve in Stellenbosch, South Africa, as part of an Outdoor Sculpture Biennial, vowing I will never do it again. Too much stress (I had a deadline, but with the help of seen and unseen angels managed to finish the project within eleven days).

I had already built one in my back garden and I was content. Through the years labyrinths have intrigued me. My very first experience of walking one was at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in America. I worked as a journalist, but went there to study a teachers training course in yoga. The labyrinth walk (at full moon) gave me the clarity that I needed to change direction, leave my job and start as an holistic therapist.

Three years later I walked not exactly a labyrinth, but a spiral in the Sacred Valley of Peru. The one Carol Cumes planted in her garden at Willka T'ika. There I received valuable insights in how I use my energy. Back in South Africa I heard about the labyrinth in Barrydale and have gone to walk it several times, each with a complete different experience. From intensely spiritual to absolutely fun-and-laughter (with my son Josua).

i am on a journey. walking on the path of my life. a path full of twists and turns. a path over mountains, over rivers, through deserts. a path of discovery; finding my true self. a path that leads me to inner peace. a path that fills me with silence: the song of my soul.
- Terry de Vries

In 2002 I had the opportunity to visit Chartres Cathedral near Paris in France, the most well-known labyrinth in the world today. Unfortunately one could not walk it as chairs have been packed all over the design, but I could still stand in each petal of the rosette. What an experience. My feet started to burn and when I sat slap-bang in the middle (with tourists walking all around me), I was immediately filled with so much radiant energy, my hands started to burn. My mind was silenced and my heart filled with absolute peace.

Then came the dream. The very next day a newspaper reporter phoned to ask about labyrinths for a story. And a week after that a friend asked me to build a goddess labyrinth in her garden to coincide with her art exhibition. How could I refuse?

Since then the labyrinth bug (a term Lauren Artress coined) has really bitten me: I have built several labyrinths, done a Veriditas facilitator's course with Lauren Artress, lead numerous labyrinth workshops and retreats and have decided to make my passion my work. I love colour, and after "trying on" different names, decided on RAINBOW LABYRINTHS. The rainbow for all its colours and also its symbolism of being a bridge between heaven and earth. A labyrinth too is a bridge from the mundane to the divine and a bridge to the sacred within.

What I do with labyrinths:

I use the labyrinth daily in my spiritual practice. Sometimes to ask personal questions, sometimes to give thanks, sometimes to walk for someone who is ill, sometimes for someone who has passed over.

I also use the classical 7-circuit labyrinth to call whales and dolphins. A friend and I drive along the coastline regularly to call and follow the whales. My very first such labyrinth experience blew my mind. We drove all the way to Hermanus where I drew a labyrinth on the beach. We both could feel the vortex of energy opening up around the labyrinth. We strongly connected to the cetaceans. When we looked in the ocean, nothing! We drove all along the coastline back home when suddenly there was a huge whale about 15 metres away. We stopped, walked down to the waterline and started to sing (tone) to the whale. The whale didn't move at first, but then slowly started to swim in circles, giving us the circles of the labyrinth back! It also moved its head right out of the water to look at us. (To read more about our experiences, look at http://www.starchildascension.org/starchild/dolphin7.html)

Whenever I walk on a beach I draw a labyrinth to walk and to leave its imprint in the sand until it is washed away. My favourite place is Cathedral Rock near Keurboomstrand as the magical energies there make every sand labyrinth walk profound.

I regularly lead full moon and solstice labyrinth walks, sometimes with friends and sometimes with my yoga students. One year I did a drumming session in the labyrinth and combined it with a walk to celebrate my birthday. I also lead labyrinth workshops and retreats and build labyrinths wherever I can. I stumbled upon the most magical labyrinth in between the awe-inspiring Baviaanskloof mountains at the Cedar Retreat Centre.

I truly believe the labyrinth offers a unique opportunity here in South Africa to help people to see and live their truth. It is my wish to introduce labyrinths to as many schools and as many businessmen as possible. Schools, so that the children can learn to cope with conflict, violence and depression and focus/study better, and businessmen, so that they can bring spirituality in the workplace. I believe the labyrinth can make a huge difference in this rainbow nation of ours.

May you have magical labyrinth experiences that enable you to connect with your true essence. May you find your way home to the light. May your labyrinth journey bring you peace and fun. May you be filled with joy and laughter. May you hear the song of your soul. And may you find meaning in everything that you do.


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