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Why do people use labyrinths?

People come to labyrinths for many reasons and in many different ways. It can be walked to connect with nature, to let go of the hectic modern life, to get rid of stress, to still the mind of thoughts, to let go of the past, to heal grief or trauma, to answer specific questions, to resolve conflict, to find inner peace, to live more consciously, to increase productivity, or to become more creative. Walking a labyrinth enfolds a creative process. It helps the mind to come into a meditative state, stimulates the imagination, enhances the intuition and opens up spontaneous expression.

The fact that the labyrinth is a tool without dogma enables it to be a neutral meeting ground for people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs. The beauty of the labyrinth is that it is open to anyone at any stage, on any spiritual path and from any religious tradition. It is a symbol open to your intentions.

Your ego diminishes and your consciousness expands to an experience of bliss as though the veil of time is lifted and our minds are opened to eternity.
- Joseph Campbell

The fact that there is no prescribed way in which it should be walked means that it can be walked without prior "training" in a public setting. It tends to be walked in silence and people walking it tend to make of it whatever they will without there being a need to put their observations into words.

Research in America concluded that people walking the labyrinth are more relaxed, peaceful and calm afterwards. They are also less angry or frustrated and people get relief from emotional trauma and grief. Furthermore people can focus and concentrate better, and their intuition, imagination and creativity are stimulated.

According to Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind, bestseller in management circles, we are moving from the information age to the conceptual age. "The purpose of life is the journey itself." He strongly believes the labyrinth is the tool for the future.

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