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To build a labyrinth is to create a sacred space. Rainbow Labyrinths aim to create a sanctuary for your enjoyment in your own environment, be it a private garden, public space, retreat, school, church, business or prison. that you can walk the path of your soul!

Before construction starts I do an earth blessing and energy clearing of the space. I also dowse where the centre and the entrance must be. As I am creating a sacred space it is necessary to work with the energies of Mother Earth. Interesting to know also is that a labyrinth can draw the earth energies to them. As Sig Lonegren explains, it is not so much the pattern but the continued use of the pattern that draws water and energy leys to a new labyrinth. Once the dowsing is complete, the building can commence.

The construction of the labyrinth and the time it takes depends on the type of material used (paving, stones, plants), the space available and the design of the labyrinth. Afterwards I do a blessing of the labyrinth and energetically anchor and stabilize the energy for the collective good of all.


The cost of a labyrinth depends on the type of design, size and material used. A 7-circuit paved labyrinth can take up to 4 weeks to complete whereas a labyrinth built of stones can be done in a few days. The different types of labyrinths to choose from include:

Classical 7-circuit labyrinths


Medieval 7-circuit labyrinth


Medieval 11-circuit labyrinth


Horse labyrinth


Contemporary designs


- Reconciliation Labyrinth
- Goddess Labyrinth


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