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Hallo to all you beautiful people!

Life is one big cosmic dance down here at the Southern tip of Africa. It is incredible how the universe sends you the perfect people and perfect experiences just at the perfect timing. I had just finished building a labyrinth on a wine farm close to Paarl when I had the privilege to meet Marko Pogacnik from Slovenia, a geomancer and sculptor doing Earth healing work. He visited South Africa for the first time and I drove him to various sacred sites around Cape Town.

On our way to one of the sacred sites, we drove past the newly built labyrinth and I took him there to have a look. Marko communicates with the elemental beings in nature as well as the soul of the Earth and after tuning into the labyrinth, told me the stones needed to be rooted. Whenever you move stones from one place to another you also need to introduce the stones to the mountains and the trees so that they can “see” each other. So, the five of us stood around the labyrinth and visualized roots for each and every stone in the labyrinth. What an amazing experience!

The labyrinth at the wine farm Seidelberg near Paarl in South Africa

I had placed five huge boulders in the centre of the labyrinth to form a Star of Christ on the one hand, bringing in perfection and wholeness; and to symbolize the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether/spirit/consciousness on the other hand. I had also put in several rose quartz crystals on the fourth/heart chakra line as the message that came to me when I built the labyrinth was one of opening the heart. So there we were, exactly five people, working with the base/root chakra visualizing roots for all the stones and opening up the heart at the same time.

Many of you know by now nothing happens by chance or coincidence. But, I am still profoundly in awe and can’t help to smile when the universe sends you such clear messages. That weekend I did the sacred landscape of Cape Town workshop with Marko where he taught us how to perceive and interpret landscapes and mountains and environments on a visible and invisible level so that we as human beings can become connected and conscious again of the Earth’s true essence.

The sacred landscape of Cape Town forms the base chakra of the continent of Africa, while the beautiful Table Mountain that overlooks the city forms the heart centre of Cape Town. And the link between the base chakra and the heart centre was disconnected thus the whole workshop was about connecting the base and the heart chakras!

Debsalem Bloom, Marko Pogacnik and Jean Evans at Logies Rock in Llandudno near Cape Town

When you work on a landscape you work on yourself as well, visualizing the energies going through your body at the same time. At Logies Rock we visualized connecting the golden umbilical cord from the heart of the ocean, which represented the roots, through the twelve Apostle mountains, which represented the spine, to the heart of Table Mountain. That evening when I took the dogs for a walk I saw exactly that in a cloud formation! A perfect heart with straight lines coming out of it on either side looking like a heart opening up, with a column of several round clouds extending behind it looking like a spine. Gaia speaks through cloud formations to us, Marko explained, so that we can understand and communicate in her language.


My biggest Christmas present ever was the absolute joy and enthusiasm of the people living at Horizon House, a house for the mentally challenged, in Stellenbosch when they walked the labyrinth that I helped them to build. The labyrinth was built as a Christmas present for them, but it turned out to be my Christmas present as well.

It made me realize that the best gift you can give anyone is a gift that brings joy, laughter and enthusiasm. May you be blessed with joy and laughter this Christmas.

And may you remember this: (something that I read somewhere!) If life is viewed as a maze, every mistake is an unnecessary detour and a waste of time. If life is a labyrinth, then every mistake is a part of the path and an indispensable Master Teacher. There are no mistakes!

May we all walk together on the path of our souls!

Labyrinth blessings,

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