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A labyrinth provides a sacred space and can be walked for many different reasons and in many different ways. It can be walked to connect with nature, to let go of the hectic modern life, to get rid of stress, to still the mind of thoughts, to let go of the past, to heal grief or trauma, to answer specific questions, to resolve conflict, to reconnect with the inner wisdom or to find inner peace.

A labyrinth is also an ideal tool to be used by corporate companies. It can be used for team building, getting to know your co-workers, brainstorming, finding better solutions to problems quicker, goal setting, leadership development, learning to trust each other and helping to formulate a vision for the future. It can also provide some creative fun during a serious “bosberaad”.

Whatever the reason to walk a labyrinth, it will start a process where powerful changes is possible.

I am a qualified Veriditas labyrinth facilitator and offer the following:

1. Labyrinth Therapy

A one-on-one session walking the labyrinth with a specific issue, question or purpose. This includes an energetic balance, working with the different chakras, colours and crystals. One and a half hour to two hours. R350

2. Labyrinth Workshops

The workshops have different themes, ie journey into creativity, discovering my self, realizing my dream, etc.

Half day (three hours)


This entails a brief talk about labyrinths, a labyrinth walk and a talking circle afterwards where experiences are shared.
Cost: R300


Full day (six hours)


This entails a talk on labyrinths, different labyrinth experiences, a talking circle where experiences are shared, some creative artwork and lunch.
Cost: R600

3. Labyrinth Weekend Retreats

A much deeper process; where you are taken out of your daily environment and partake on a journey to your deepest self for an unforgettable, powerful and transformative experience, using different labyrinths, yoga, meditation, sound (chanting), talking circles, mandalas and lots of fun. Cost depends on where the retreat is held.

4. Upcoming events

Please see my blog for upcoming events.

Facilitator: Journalist Terry de Vries (B.Sc. Agric, Hons. Journ) has always been interested in energy. Her journey to find out about her passion took her along many paths: reflexology, aromatherapy, yoga, reiki, crystals, bio-energetics, sacred geometry, A Course in Miracles and eventually labyrinths. She is an international certified labyrinth facilitator and leads labyrinth workshops and retreats to help you journey to your deepest true self for an unforgettable, powerful and transformative experience. She also builds labyrinths.


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